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LightSwarm is a modular system designed to control lighting and audio effects in architectural models,  exhibition displays, dioramas, and signage systems. LightSwarm is equally suitable to control lighting and audio in any architectural environment including commercial and residential design. LightSwarm modules have been specifically designed to control LED lighting from a few LEDs, to arrays of hundreds or even thousands of white and/or multicolored LEDs.  LightSwarm modules are also available with integrated multi-track audio playback.

We also provide interactive touch screen control systems, both fixed and mobile, including control from tablet-based devices such as the iPad and iPod Touch.  These devices allow a rich interactive experience to be provided combining multi-page graphics with simultaneous control of animated lighting sequences within a model or display.  Our devices integrate seamlessly with Wi-Fi based and cable based networks, and can operate remotely via the Internet.

Our interactive touch screen systems for architectural marketing models allow users to highlight apartments individually, or by type such as apartments of particular size, features, or the number of bedrooms.  Our system allows sales staff to track apartment sales. Apartments can be illuminated in various colors to indicate sales status, and the graphics pages on the touch screens are updated in real time automatically by the system to show which apartments are available, under offer, or sold.

In addition to the LightSwarm modules, various cable management solutions are available to simplify the wiring of a model or display. This reduces labor costs and increases flexibility, especially when maintenance is required, or when displays are constructed as multiple separate models, and require staged assembly.

We will provide you with the hardware building blocks to implement a lighting control system, or we will provide a complete turnkey solution including the lighting, control module hardware, and touch screen or other types of master control systems.

Our product range is constantly evolving.  Please contact us if you have requirements that are not covered on our web site.



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