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Mirvac - Yarras Edge - Array

Apartment showing status as sold
Mirvac Yarras Edge - Array

The Array marketing model is located on a sales suite overlooking the Yarra river. 

LightSwarm software is installed on three 55 inch interactive touch screen monitors. The right-hand monitor controls the interactive lighting control software with over 400 pages of images and information. The touch screen allows the real-time  sales status of each apartment to be shown, and different coloured lights appear in the apartments to show this sales status.

The other two monitors show similar interactive content that provides apartment finding capabilities, and also allows switching between other applications that share the monitor.

The client required blue lighting in each apartment to match the branding colours for the project.  The LightSwarm MOD-U-LEDs used in the model allows any colour to be used, with the final choice being made after the model is constructed.

The model is located on a motorised rotating turntable.  The user can rotate the model in either direction using touch buttons on the monitors.

Model by Inscale (Melbourne, Australia) for Mirvac
Project Name:
Yarras Edge - Array

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Harold Park (Precinct 1)

This marketing model is for a major new residential development site in Sydney.  The model features 306 apartments across four separate buildings. LightSwarm MOD-U-LEDs are installed in each apartment.

A 22 inch screen touch screen provided interactive lighting control for users, enabling the selection of individual apartments, groups of apartments by type, floors, and buildings.

Model by Porter Models (Sydney, Australia) for Mirvac
Project Name: Harold Park - Precinct 1



Islington Square

The Islington Square project consists of 11 buildings and over 300 apartments of various types ranging from small studios to large penthouses with rooftop swimming pools.

The model was physically large, but also had to be designed to be shipped around the world to various exhibitions in locations including Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia.

A LightSwarm system was used to individually highlight each apartment, along with commercial areas and other features such as entrances. Two large touch screens on either side of the model provided interactive lighting control for users, as well as providing over 300 pages of graphic content including elevations, individual floor plans, axonometric images, and sales status.

LightSwarm sales management software allowed individual apartments to be flagged as available, sold, under offer, or not released.  The color of the light within each apartment shows the sales status, along with status "stamps" being applied to the corresponding graphic images for each apartment.  The customer was able to update the sales status in real-time as apartments were sold.

While the model is idle, slow-speed random lighting effects highlight various apartments, providing a realistic 'lived-in" appearance.

The application was also installed on 14 Apple iPads that were provided to Sales staff both in the UK and other countries.

Model by Unit 22 (London) for Sager Group (UK)
Project Name:
Islington Square

Convesso Concavo

Convesso Concavo is a dual apartment building project in the Victoria Harbour precinct at Melbourne Docklands.

Two models were built for separate displays suites.

A LightSwarm system controlled via an Apple iPad provides interactive content and lighting control.  Users can browse floor level plans and building elevations, with the floors being highlighted in response to the user interaction.

Model by Bates Smart Architects (Melbourne, Australia) for Lend Lease
Project Name: Convesso Concavo

Advanx East
Rushcutters Bay, Sydney

Fully detailed marketing model for an apartment complex.

LightSwarm MOD-U-LEDs are installed in approximately 140 apartments, and a re controlled by a client provided touch screen control system.

Model by James Draper Models (Sydney, Australia)
Architect: Jackson Dyke Lacoste Stevenson
Developer: LIndsay Bennelong Developments

Saigon Golf Country Club
Saigon, Vietnam

A masterplan model for a country club with golf course.

A handheld Apple iPad provided interactive touch screen lighting control of key features and buildings on the model.

The image at the left shows a snapshot of one of the touch screen pages.

Model by Modelcraft (Sydney, Australia)
Project Name:
Saigon Golf Country Club Residences


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Victoria Harbour (Docklands)

Masterplan model for existing and future developments in the Victoria Harbour precinct of Melbourne Docklands.

A LightSwarm touch screen control system allows selection of individual buildings, residential and commercial areas, parks, and other key features in the precinct.

The LightSwarm system is linked to the projector systems in the display suite, and can trigger the playing of various multimedia videos.

Model by Porter Models (Sydney, Australia) for Lend Lease
Project Name:
Victoria Harbour


iSpire Adelaide Terrace Apartment Tower
Perth - Western Australia

The iSpire tower is a 17 storey apartment building, with remote controlled lighting for each apartment.  An Apple iPod with a touch screen allows the sales executives to highlight individual apartments to support their sales processes.

LightSwarm modules provided control for 79 individual lighting channels.  A Wi-Fi module is also installed to receive wireless commands from the iPod.  A variety of sweeps and fades provides animation to the model when an apartment was selected from the touch screen. Click to View Video

iPod Handheld Wireless Controller - Sample Touch Screen Images

Model by Modelcraft (Sydney) for Diploma
Project Name: iSpire Adelaide Terrace

  FKP Sir John Young Apartment Building

The Sir John Young apartment building consisted of two adjoining apartment towers with a combination of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments and double storey penthouses.

The model was fitted with a large high resolution color touch screen display that allowed customers and sales staff to browse the various apartment options, and highlight floors or individual apartments using touch buttons and hot-spots.  132 separate screens of graphic images were used.  The lighting in the apartments reflected the actions of the users and graphic images.

Beneath the model a pair of LightSwarm LS-D64P400 modules provided control for the individual lighting channels.  The touch screen user interface was developed using the LightSwarm "Tuch-UI" software.  This software application is specifically designed for building touch screen lighting control applications.

The images at the left show a snapshot of some of the touch screens provided to the user.

Model by Modelcraft (Sydney, Australia) for FKP Properties
Project Name:
Luxe - Sir John Young


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Mirvac ERA Apartment Building
Chatswood (Sydney) - NSW, Australia

The ERA project is a 350 apartment tower model located in a sales suite adjacent to the building site.  A touch screen control system is mounted on a nearby wall.  The model rotates so that the user is always closest to the apartment rooms they have selected on the touch screen

Each apartment is fitted with a MOD-U-LED intelligent full-color LED module, allowing individual control of each apartments lighting levels and color.  Different color combinations are used to highlight various types of apartments on the model.

The touch screen control system contains 164 pages of graphics information including 1,683 touch areas distributed across the pages, providing a variety of user selection options and animated lighting effects.

The lighting and control systems were developed and implemented by LightSwarm.

Model by Porter Models (Sydney, Australia)
Project Name: Mirvac ERA

Lend Lease Springbank Rise Masterplan
Canberra, Australia

The Springbank Rise Masterplan is for a modern residential development in the Australian Capital Territory.

The touch screen control system provides lighting control for hundreds of LEDs across the model that highlight the various features of the estate.

The lighting and control systems were developed and implemented by LightSwarm.

Model by Porter Models (Sydney, Australia)
Project Name: Lend Lease - Springbank Rise

Multi-Storey Apartment Building
Toorak (Melbourne) - Victoria

The lighting effect was required to provide a "lived-in" appearance to the model.
Each apartment was separately illuminated by a 3mm white LED.  It was not necessary to identify individual apartments, and because the model had several faces, it was possible to group illumination channels together to allow three apartment to share each channel of the lighting control system.

This model used a single LS-D64P400 controller with 64 output channels randomly illuminating approximately 192 apartments. 

Model by Inscale (Melbourne)

Mirvac Tower - Yarra's Edge
Melbourne Docklands

Multi-storey solid clear acrylic apartment tower. Each floor separately illuminated.

The Lighting is controlled by an iPod communicating via Wi-Fi to a  LightSwarm LS-D64P400 system.  The iPod touch interface allows individual floors to be highlighted, or the entire model to be illuminated. During idle periods, floors on the tower are randomly illuminated.

Model by Inscale (Melbourne) for Mirvac


Mirvac Tower

48 storey solid clear acrylic tower.
Each floor separately illuminated. A wireless keypad allows individual floors to be highlighted, or the entire model to be illuminated. During idle periods, floors on the tower are randomly illuminated.

This model used an earlier version of the LS-D64P400 controller, combined with a hand-held wireless keypad.  The wireless keypad provided the random lighting effects.

Model by Inscale (Melbourne) for Mirvac

Herald Sun Redevelopment

The Herald Sun redevelopment project converted a 1900's era heritage newsprint building into a combination of residential apartments with a multi-storey office building behind it. Many apartments occupy multiple floors within the building.

A touch screen display allows users to select individual apartments. When selected, an apartment would illuminate and at the same time images and data were available on the touch screen for user information.  This included apartment floor plans, finishing materials, and various images of the building. When idle an animated random lighting pattern is displayed, and the touch screen provided various animated images combined with a sound track via a Macromedia Flash animation.

Model by Inscale (Melbourne)
Project Name: Herald Sun Redevelopment


FKP Properties Circa Project

This model was for a master plan of an estate with mixed commercial use properties. The model featured two main development areas. Two pushbuttons are provided on the model to allow the user to select one of two options.  When a switch is pressed a professionally recorded voiceover track provides details of that aspect of the model, and fades up and down the associated lighting channels to highlight specific areas. The push buttons were also illuminated in synchronization with the model so that the user could remember the selection they had made.

This model was fitted with an LS-A16P400 combined audio and lighting controller and a set of high fidelity speakers.

Model by Modelcraft (Sydney) for FKP Properties
Project Name: Circa

Apartment Building
South Yarra (Melbourne)

19 storey apartment building. Each floor separately illuminated. A wireless keypad allows the North, South, East and West floor areas to be individually highlighted, or the entire model to be illuminated. When individual floors are selected, various lighting effects highlight the building before drawing the users attention to the selected area of the building. During idle periods, areas on the tower are randomly illuminated.

This model used an LS-D64P400 controller combined with a hand-held wireless keypad.  The wireless keypad provided the random lighting effects.

Model by Modelcraft (Melbourne) for Michael L Yates & Co


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